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Someone seeing BBNP for the first time

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Someone seeing BBNP for the first time
« on: December 05, 2018, 10:16:21 AM »
Haven't posted here in awhile but return to browse on occasion. This will not be newsworthy but after three trips over 3 years that included a first visit of 2 nights and 3 days in the Chisos/South Rim/Emory backpacking, followed with two solo OML hikes a year apart, I told my wife of 25 years she was coming along this time to see what it was all about. This woman is not a hiker. Quite frankly, she was not thrilled about the prospect of the trip. And now... what have I done? I don't think I'll ever get here alone again. A photo looking West at sunset from the Lodge patio will soon adorn the space above our heads on our king size bed. Her Facebook was full of pictures of the trip.


No surprise, she *loved* everything. Even got her to do The Window (which I'd not hiked), giving me the opportunity to send photos back to friends saying I'd spotted a woman on the trails with a shoulder purse. Otherwise we hiked the short St. Elena Canyon (also had not done that), took her to Homer Wilson's "flat" and a few other similar experiences. Crossed into Boquillas for lunch on the "International Ferry" which I had experienced. So three days in the Chisos Mountain Lodge and a night at The Gage on the way back to airport did just fine. She's in love with the place, can't wait to return, and I got to see another side of the experience I'd normally not get--not a bad idea. Should have taken her out to the Chimneys and will next time, but already told her she can dump me off for a couple of overnighters next time like Marufo Vega.

Evidence of a lot of water and the park is a brighter shade of color than I'd seen. I follow a young lady hiker from Houston on Instagram who did the entire Pacific Coast Trail from April to October (in trail runners and running shorts) and she was there 10 days ago and gushed about how little water she carried on the Dodson. She also bragged she did the OML in shorts but admitted not the greatest idea. Hello, cactus. We filmed two bighorn sheep high above the rocks where The Window empties and ran into some hikers that had pix of a bear in Boot Canyon that didn't seem particularly concerned with them.

Changes noted: reliable internet signal at St. Elena Canyon. Plenty of service in spots along the way on Maxwell drive which had been only spotty the prior year. Headed east from Panther Junction though, zip. But Boquillas... goodness, saw more than a few kids walking the streets staring at their phones. Not sure where they're getting their signal and didn't try to find out. Confirmed the fact the Boquillas Cafe beats Jose Falcon's for chow (opinion), and as a life long musician I enjoyed the old guy in the wheelchair with his guitar tuned an octave low howling out something resembling music. He got $5 off me. Also noted: no Big Bend Brewing Co. beer on tap at the lodge--disappointing, but the convenience store had cans so opted for a few of those.

So, do you ever get over that first visit? I don't think so.
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Re: Someone seeing BBNP for the first time
« Reply #1 on: December 05, 2018, 12:21:52 PM »
So, do you ever get over that first visit? I don't think so.

Never. Nor do you ever forget the one who brung you there. 🥰

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